9 Must-have Tesla Model Y Accessories in 2023

9 Must-have Tesla Model Y Accessories in 2023

Once you pick up your Tesla for some time you might be frustrated Tesla did not include many necessary accessories. But for such a big purchase you made, you might think about what accessories to buy next to improve your ride, protect your vehicle, or your personalizing ideas. 

With more than 6,000 happy Tesla owners' reviews, we severely selected 9 of the must-have products that are the best upgrade choices to accessorize your Tesla.  This article includes your must-buy accessories and parts for your Tesla Model Y.  These are worth buying and definitely fit Model Y. You can also check out Tesla Model 3 Must-Haves

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Must-Have Interior Accessories for Tesla Model Y

#1  All-Weather Floor Mats (5 Seater /7 Seater) 

These are the NO.1 must-buy accessories for Model Y owners especially if you have kids. 

7 Seater Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2021-2023

Also if you live in a wet climate or in winter snow and slush weather, they will absolutely be a lifesaver! They're designed to fit your Model Y perfectly with full coverage and no gaps. Which makes the cleaning up so easy. 

5 Seater Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

The finish is super easy to wipe clean. Made of premium odorless TPE material which is made to use for years. 

#2 Second Row Center Storage Organizer

This is a perfect place to put tissue paper or use it as a storage organizer. So much convenient for the 2nd row passengers.

 Rear Backseat Storage Box Trash Can for Tesla Model Y

This rear seat box is designed for the Tesla Model Y backseat. This will make your road trips more organized and comfortable. Use it as an extra storage box or removable trash bin for second-row passengers. It's made of super durable TPE, very easy to wipe or rinse clean.

#3 Center Console Armrest Organizer

Maximize your center console and armrest box space while providing a convenient place for your essential items at the same time!

Center Console Armrest Box Organizer for Tesla Model 3/Y

This organizer is designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It's made of odorless and extremely durable TPE material for a stylish and safe storage solution.

Plus, the center console slides in and out for easy access to the lower space, and the armrest box organizer won’t interfere with the USB plug.

#4 Cup Holder Insert

The cup holder insert is definitely a must-have addition if you've ever spilled coffee or drinks while driving!

Best Tesla Model Y & 3 Cup Holder Stabilizer Insert in 2023

Inserting this stabilizer in a minute, no more spilling and sliding the bottles and cups. It's made of premium food grade eco-friendly and 100% odorless TPE, safe to use, and will last for years.

Plus, it's a breeze to clean! Wipe it out with a wet wiper or rinse it, and you're done!

#5 Trunk Cargo Liner

 During wet climates or in snow and slush weather, they will save you thousands of dollars for cleaning up the stains.

Tesla Model Y rear trunk cargo mat

The rear trunk well mats are made of TPE material, which is durable, strong, odorless, and environmentally friendly. It offers maximum protection from muddy and heavy gear scratches and prevents any leaky grocery bags with the design of a vertical wall and a channel pattern that is easy to clean up from spills, mud, snow, stains, etc. 


#6 Front Trunk 'Frunk' Storage Box

 Every Tesla owner will benefit greatly from a nice front trunk ' frunk' organizer. Whether you're going to a beach, a sporting event, or on road trips.

Front Trunk Frunk Storage Box Mat for Tesla Model 3

The frunk organizer is where you put prepared clothes, drinks, packaged food, emergency equipment, cables anything you will need to locate quickly AND protect your Tesla Model Y frunk from messy spills, and grime at the same time. A well-organized frunk will make your trips and city life much different.

The front trunk organizer is designed for the Tesla Model Y, made of eco-friendly ABS material, super durable, and odorless to use for years. Large volume and provides multiple slots and easy to install and remove.



Must Buy Exterior Accessories for Tesla Model Y

#1 Mud Flaps

The mud flaps are definitely your Tesla must-buy. They will save much time and money for cleaning. Also, provides more safety. 

Mud Flaps Set for Tesla Model Y

The mud flaps will protect your Model Y from snow, salt, sand, and other small debris from being slung up the rear tires. and also prevent dirt and stones from flying into the cars behind you.

They're specially designed for the Tesla Model Y, made of eco-friendly TPE material and PP material for the fixed area. Comes with extra clips for a secure fit and is super easy to install.


#2 Roof Sunshade

If you live in a hot state like Texas, or Arizona or drive long trips during summer, or if you park your Tesla out in the sun or you have kids in the back seat, but the rear AC is not that effective. you need a roof sunshade for your Tesla for sure. 

Roof Sunshade Tesla Model Y

A good roof shade really helps with blocking out the heat on hot days, maintains your car interior, and reduces cabin and dashboard temperatures by about 8% to 25%. Also, protect your Tesla from bleaching and cracking even foul odors. Without a sunshade, the black interior of cars readily absorbs more heat like the steering wheel and dashboard. 

Roof Sunshade Tesla Model Y

These roof sun shades are specially designed for the Tesla Model Y, made of ultra-lightweight with silver-pressed reflection that effectively reflects the sun's rays. It's super easy to install with clips.


Other Must-have: Jack Pad kits

Since the entire underside of the Tesla is one large battery pack, using a traditional jack can damage it. This means you need a special pad to do it safely.

Jack-stand stabilizer pads are an essential safety measure when working under your Tesla or tire change. It's made of heavy-duty rubber material offers sturdy and reliable construction, safeguarding your car from potentially expensive damage.


Lifting Jack Pad Kit for Tesla Model Y & 3


The 9 must-buy accessories for Tesla Model Y we listed are based on our customers' purchase history data and are categorized into Model Y interior and exterior accessories.

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