11 Must-have Tesla Model 3 Accessories For New Owners

11 Must-have Tesla Model 3 Accessories in 2023 Blog Banner

This article is mainly for Tesla Model 3 new owners. Or maybe you’re already a proud Tesla owner or are still thinking about the next step to accessorize your vehicle, we listed our top 11 Tesla accessories must-buy accessories for Tesla Model 3 owners to consider and refer to. These Tesla aftermarket accessories are out there that really can help maximize your Tesla driving experience and protect your vehicle. 

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We included all the best accessories for your Tesla Model 3, from interior accessories and exterior customizing parts. Other Tesla Model aftermarket modification accessories like rear spoiler, headlight tints, wheel cover replacements, and other real carbon fiber accessories.



1.Model 3 All-weather Floor Mats

The NO.1 must-buy accessories for Model 3 owners especially if you live in a rainy area with a wet climate or winter snow muddy weather. Or if you have kids eating in the car. These floor mats are perfect for you! 

All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 (2017-2023)

They're designed to fit your Model 3 perfectly with full coverage and no gaps. Which makes the cleaning up so easy. They're made of durable odorless TPE material, which is eco-friendly and built to last years. 

With the 3-D scanned for edge-to-edge fitment and a nice finish on the surface, they're sure easy to wipe or rinse clean. Installation is just like a breeze.



2. Armrest Hidden Storage Box

An extra safe place to store small and valuable items like registration and insurance papers so you can access them easily and do not have to dig out from the glovebox. 

Armrest Hidden Storage Box Organizer for Tesla Model Y/3- UPGRADED

This hidden organizer has a large hinged door allowing access to the inner compartment. Super easy to insert and dig out stuff. It's not a fancy accessory by any means but it is a must

It's made of premium eco-friendly ABS material and designed with magnetic flip-open and 4 color-coordinated knobs for effortless access. Fitting discreetly into the armrest compartment



3. Wheel Covers

Upgrade your Model 3 wheels with these customized hubcaps, which will totally change the wheel's look and cover the whole rim to protect the wheels from curb rash. It is custom-designed for Model 3 with a directional design that has a left and right side, which offers vital benefits for boosting efficiency and performance.

EnjoyEV blog post wheel covers page

They're made of premium ABS increase the battery range and protect wheel rims from curbing, super easy to install in a minute.


Brings a new unique directional look to stand out from other Tesla. Available in a variety of colors, and are uber-turbine, cyclone-style, turbine, and arachnid-style wheel covers available for choice. And gives your vehicles a fresh, new look.


4. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A screen protector is really worth the investment. Maybe you're not the type of screen protector (especially on a phone) or you do not worry about scratches, please let me explain why you need a screen protector for your Tesla.

A good glass protector can really reduce reflections glare and oily fingerprint smudges when you drive on a hot summer day, making a safe and clean screen. Especially a matte screen protector helps to reduce the amount of light reflected by the screen protector. It can be blinding sometimes. 


For those who have kids, and pets or wear rings, and sparkly jewelry, who knows what might happen? you might not be a rough-and-tumble person, but $20 is better than spending $$$$ to fix a screen.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Telsa Model 3/Y

It's made of premium tempered glass, designed to protect the screen from accidental hits and scratches.



5. Center console vinyl wrap

You probably noticed your center console can be a fingerprint magnet not very long time once you take your Tesla Model 3 home. And that could be very annoying.

This carbon fiber console wrap covers this up and gives your interior the clean look it deserves. It brings some luxury and sophistication to your Tesla Model 3.

Real Carbon Fiber Console Wrap for Tesla Model 3 & Y

This carbon fiber material will protect against pet scratches and summer oily fingerprints, and it blends in even better with the design of your car than the glossy style that ships from the factory. It's ultra-lightweight, and durability, and comes with 3M self-adhesive tape for easy installation. New user friendly

Discover our collection of meticulously crafted consoles and achieve a unique and minimalist aesthetic.


6. Mud flaps

The mud flaps are definitely a must-have for Tesla Model 3 new owners. Their prices are decent, not only save much time and money for cleaning. It also provides more safety.

The mud flaps will protect your Model 3 from snow, salt, sand, and other small debris from being slung up the rear tires. and also prevent dirt and stones from flying into the cars behind you. 

Mud Flaps For Tesla Model 3

They're made of flexible TPE material for the flap and durable PP material for the fixed area with extra clips for a secure fit and are super easy to install. Plus, this gives your Model 3 a stylish yet practical upgrade.


 7. The Rubber Cup Holder Inserts

The rubber cup holder insert is definitely a useful and practical addition for Tesla Model 3 owners. This bottle stabilizer really prevents spilling while driving.

Cup Holder Insert for Tesla Model 3/Y

Inserting this stabilizer can be so easy, no more spilling and sliding the bottles and cups. Insert it and it's done. It's made of premium food-grade TPE, which is eco-friendly 100% odorless, safe to use, and will last for years.

And, it's a breeze to clean! Wipe it out with a wet wiper or rinse it, and you're done!


8. Roof Sunshade 

A good sunshade helps block the sunlight keep out the heat, and reduce the cabin and dashboard temperatures. Especially if you live in a hot area during summer days. You will absolutely need a roof sunshade for your Tesla Model 3.

A retractable sunshade can keep your car interior comparatively cool, and also protect your Tesal interior from bleaching and cracking, and the sunburn foul odors of the dashboard.

Retractable Sun Shade for Tesla Model Y/3

if you drive long trips during summer, or if you park your Tesla out in the sun or your family members sit in the backseat, the rear AC is not that effective. The sunroof prevents the sunlight and UV rays into the cabin, further reducing heat transmission and much less air conditioner consumption.

These roof sun shades are specially designed for the Tesla Model 3 made of ultra-lightweight material. And the retractable design allows you to open and close anytime. It's super easy to install with clips, no need for any drilling, and no damage to your Tesla glass roof.

9. Rear Trunk Cargo Mat

A good rear trunk cargo mat can save you thousands of dollars for cleaning. If you live in wet climates or slush weather, the rear trunk mat liner is your Model 3 must-have.

The rear trunk well mats are made of TPE material, which is durable, strong, odorless, and environmentally friendly. Made to use for years. 

Model 3 Front Rear Trunk Mat Liner

It offers maximum protection from muddy and heavy gear scratches and prevents any leaky grocery bags with the design of a vertical wall and a channel pattern that is easy to clean up from spills, mud, snow, stains, etc. Shop with no regrets! 


10. Foot Pedal

Accessorizing your Model 3 with a set of stylish performance pedals to replace the standard foot pedals is an easy way to make your Model 3 more unique and luxurious.

Upgrade Foot Pedals For Tesla Model Y & 3

First, these foot pedals are made of premium aluminum and non-slip rubber material surface and upgraded friction for safer driving, Plus, the upgraded version performance pedals offer a better driving experience. And, a much sleeker look.

11. Jack Pad Kit

 Since the entire underside of the Tesla is one large battery pack, using a traditional jack can damage it. This means you need a special pad to do it safely. These are the jack pads for Model 3.

Jack-stand stabilizer pads are an essential safety measure when working under your Tesla or tire change. It's made of heavy-duty rubber material and offers sturdy and reliable construction, safeguarding your car from potentially expensive damage.

Lifting Jack Pad Kit for Tesla Model Y & 3





The 11 must-buy accessories for the Tesla Model 3 we listed are based on our customers' reviews and purchase history data. Below are some quick links for your reference:




1.Model 3 All-weather Floor Mats

2. Armrest Hidden Storage Box

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4. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

5. Center console vinyl wrap

6. Mud Flaps For Tesla Model 3

7. The Rubber Cup Holder Inserts

8. Retractable Roof Sunshade

9. Rear Trunk Cargo Mat

10. Foot Pedal

11. Jack Pad Kit




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